Marcus Bidford

A thief and loyal companion if some times a little petty.


Current XP – 3953 – Level 3 – next level 5000xp
Armour Class – 4
HP – 17 (currently 5) NEED TO ADD 1d4 + 3

Strength – 14 – +2 Melee, Damage
Intelligence – 9
Wisdom – 9
Dexterity – 16 +3 Hit -3 AC
Constitution – 16 +3 Hit
Charisma – 9

Saving Throws
Poison/Death Ray – 13
Magic Wands – 14
Turn to Stone/Paralysis – 13
Dragon Breath – 16
Spells/Magic Staffs – 15

Special Skills
Known Languages – Common, Thief Tongue
Open Locks: 27%
Find / remove traps – 20%
Climb sheer surface – 89%
Move silently – 34%
Hide in shadow – 24%
Pick Pocket – 30% (-5% for every level above 5 of the mark)
Hear noise – 1-3 on a d6.

Flint and Steel
Belt pouch
2 Sunrods,
5 Days of trail rations
50 Feet of rope
Water skin
Tinder Box
Pouch of Sand
x4 Glass Vials of white dragon blood


Sword – 1D8
Dagger x3 – 1D4
“Poison” Dagger x2 – 1D4
Hand Axe x2 – 1D6

Current GP
Gems: 2
GP: 344
SP: 142


Marcus has longish dark hair which has a natural waviness, often held back with his hat or head-band for practicality. He has a “The Zappa” style moustache and soul patch that is never as neat as he would like and often threatened to be lost in his ever increasing stubble. His eyes are light bluish grey with a darker outer rim.

Standing at an even 6 feet tall he has a wiry frame that is well toned and built for practical fluid movement.

He favours close but ranged combat always going for his throwing weapons before drawing his sword.

Marcus is a failed magical performance artist from the more civilised southern parts of the world, whose real name is in fact Martin Cussan. Despite his skill at the art he never seemed to make it to the big paying gigs or private parties and was only just making ends meet. This was partly due to bad luck and also his well-earned reputation for hitting on his female audience members.

His last official performance was at a private party for a successful merchant who’d employed him to entertain his guests. What should have been an excellent opportunity ended in disaster after he refused to explain how one of his tricks was done. The trick in question had been the removal of one of the under garments of the hosts beautiful young wife, despite being in full view of the rooms occupants.

The host assuming foul play, grew angry and had Marcus thrown out without being paid. As Marcus lay in the gutter outside he overheard the host joke to his guests that he had just preformed the best trick of the evening, by making a magician disappear.

Angry and now very broke he decided to exact his revenge by using his skills to rob the merchant. A few nights later he broke into the merchant’s home and stole what he thought was owed him and a little extra for the insult. Upon realising how easy it had been he decided to take up thievery as a full time job and adopted the alias Marcus Bidford.

Marcus Bidford

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