Armour Class – 5
HP – 13

Strength – 15 – +1 Melee
Intelligence – 17 – +2 Languages +2 vs charm/illusion
Wisdom – 12 – +1 vs spells/staffs
Dexterity – 14 – +1AC +1 Ranged +1 vs wands
Constitution – 14 – +1 HP +1 vs disease/poison/death
Charisma – 8 – -1 Reaction – Morale 6 allows 3 retainers

Saving Throws
Poison/Death Ray – 12
Magic Wands – 13
Turn to Stone/Paralysis – 13
Dragon Breath – 15
Spells/Magic Staffs – 15

Special Skills
Known Languages – Common, Elf, Gnoll, Hobgoblin and Orc
Infravision 60ft – Increased by local light radius
Find Secret Doors 1-2 (D6)
Immune to Ghoul Paralysis

Sword – 1D8
Leather Armour
Adventurers Kit
Rations x5
Raggedy doll taken from Binwin the Dwarf

Magic – 2 Spells known – Can cast 1 per day
Mage Hand – At Will
Light 30ft Radius – At Will
Invisibility – Daily
Magic Missile – Daily – 1D6+1

Current XP – 1083
Current GP – 123


Kenwynn is a strong character, loyal and faithful to his friends he will endeavour to help them in any way he can, even to the point where he allows a mischievous side to show through.
Due to being bullied as an elfling he hates to see cruelty of any kind, but years of exploration have taught him that this can be useful.
Kenwynn finds it hard to trust people without some proof they are honest and true.

As an elfling, Kenwynn never seemed to fit in with his clan.
Most of them were content to live in their treetop drays and listen to Nature.
Kenwynn on the other hand wanted to now what was in the wider world and one day decided to find out about it.

Setting out to explore, Kenwynn spent weeks wandering the mountains around his home, eventually becoming lost in some woodland.
Trying to find a path or something by which he could find his way somewhere familiar he bumped into an old man. Kenwynn admired a hat the old man was wearing which had a coloured feather in the side, complementing the old man Kenwynn quickly became his friend and the old man offered Kenwynn to travel with him and learn the way of adventuring.
When Kenwynn asked about the hat the old man advised him a hat was essential for keeping the hot sun off your head and how information can often be gotten from a beggar if you can provide them with a little coin.

Months passed and Kenwynn explored with the old man learning much useful information, he learned that the wooded land he was from was known to other races as the Dymrak Forest and he has met the old man in the Achelos woods, all while seeing many sights..
One late evening, during a violent storm, the pair laid down to sleep in a crude shelter which barely kept the rain off them, the pair were awakend suddenly by howling as their camp was invaded by large shadowy shapes.
Kenwynn leapt to protect his mentor only to receive a crashing blow to the side of his head which knocked him unconscious.
When he came to a few hours later in the dawn, he was to find his companion missing. Despite a severe headache which blurred his vision, Kenwynn set out upon the trail of his unknown foes in an attempt to rescue his friend.

After following the trail for a few days Kenwynn lost the tracks as they passed into a rocky area.
This resulted in Kenwynn wandering for several days before finding his way to a town where he met up with a Thief and a Cleric who were also adventuring.
Kenwynn asked to join them in the hopes that their explorations may one day lead him to discover the fate of the old man.


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