Keep on the Borderlands

Here Be Dragons
From Kenwynn's eyes

After leaving the room with the carven doorway, we head down a nearby corridor.
I cannot trust these strangers who attack me without provocation.
I think it best I stick close to Marcus, he is my friend, I am sure I can trust him, I enjoy his company, we have had some fun.
Kenwynn smiles in remembrance of their antics, but feels mild regret at the frustration he know this must have caused Narahad

I can see the tunnel ending ahead, it seems to be a wall of some kind but it has been destroyed as if blasted out from within by a great explosion.
We check the doorway for any traps, magical or otherwise but cannot find anything so make our way into the darkened chamber.
Thanks to my elven eyes I can make out a source of light in the distance and some heat but nothing more, however, closer to us there are some large plinths, one of which holds a pale statue of a dragon, hmmm, intriguing.

From our experiences in the caves so far I consider it prudent to advise everyone to spread out and take it slowly, after all, we do not know if there are any traps around, but as usual, nobody listens, not that I can expect otherwise of people who attack good folk for no reason!
Marcus, on the other hand, does proceed with caution, but in his usual gung-ho style he heads straight for the statue, poor Raziel still seems intent on searching for this friend “Jumby”, I cannot help but feel his friend is dead, if he was ever alive.

I edge into the room keeping away from the walls but getting no closer to the statue, Marcus is studying it quite intently though and reaches out to touch it.
I call out to him to check for any inscriptions and he replies only that it feels cold before snatching his hand away as he runs his fingers from the statues shoulder to elbow.
He pours a little water from his flask onto the plinth and I can feel his curiosity as it freezes, Raziel stands off to one side looking slightly puzzled.

One of the new ones speaks, the tall stocky one, the little vicious puppy stays close to her, occasionally shooting acid glances towards me, (what have I done to invite such a response?).
“I think it’s going to come alive” says the taller one, she seems to feel something about the statue, Raziel’s posture changes, his stance shows agreement but I do not know if we are strong enough to fight a dragon.
In a quick decision I say “We have to kill or destroy it” and after a quick glance at me the tall one takes her mace and launches a full armed swing at the statue.

There is a crash but only a small chip flies form the shoulder “it may be easier to remove the head” I say and she takes another swing at the neck.
All this time I notice Raziel has been edging further down the cavern towards the light when suddenly there is a great rumbling and one of the walls explodes into the cavern.
Raziel turns to the newly formed hole and starts spouting words in a language I do not recognize, this clears things up for me, the poor man has been tortured by hobgoblins, his mind is twisted, this certainly explains the existence of this “Jumby”, probably a creation of his mind, a friend of some sort to offer comfort during his time of suffering.

JUKKETE! The same kind of words have just come from the wall!
Kenwynns quick mind makes the connection between the statue and the words coming from the wall
I can see Marcus has scrambled up the wall, the two thugs rush across the floor to stand near me, Raziel looks at us and tells us we have to serve and to reply “Yes”.
I crouch as if in obeisance but it is a pose which will allow me to make a move quickly if I need to, whether to fight, flee or evade and when Raziel looks at me I reply honestly that I will serve.
The dragon does not appear to believe us though as he unleashes a huge torrent of icy wind at me and my breath catches in my lungs at the shock but thanks to my elven vitality I take no more damage.

I think fast and invoke my invisibility spell, what the dragon cannot see, it cannot attack.
The taller of the unknown warriors leaps forward and swings at the monsters shoulder, I move close to the dragon as it is less likely to believe I would purposely put myself in its range then I realize; I may be able to sneak up and make a critical strike on the creature thus saving the day!

However, before I get the opportunity Marcus has obviously shimmed across the wall above the dragon and now drops onto its back clutching a dagger in each hand and plunges them between the scales into either side of its neck.
with an almighty roar the dragon rears up and slams back to the ground flinging Marcus from its hide.
He flips in mid-air somehow landing on his feet and I also applaud at the execution of such a feat, but the dragon snaps its head forward and clamps onto Marcus’s arm.

Raziel is yelling and the taller warrior rushes back to the statue we had damaged before only to see it has crumbled to dust. Raziel has stepped up and shoots a magic missile at one of the injuries Marcus has already inflicted upon the beast and in a great rush the dragon collapses. They have beaten it and I had no chance to do anything!

Realizing there is no point dismissing my invisibility as I will not be able to cast again for the rest of the day, I decide to keep it up but announce my presence as everyone recovers.
While doing so I look around the cavern and see something small dart across the cavern floor and into the emerging Raziel’s clothing.
Curious I sidle up to Raziel and ask the question that has been bugging me for a little while now “Is that….Jumby?” his reply is dismissive “why would I speak to a ferret?” I decide discretion is the better part of valour and leave him be.

The group decide to search the corpse of the dragon for loot but considering how the animal was imprisoned I know it will not have anything of use to me at this time. the others take a few teeth and Marcus fills his glass vials with it’s blood as we leave.

Upon exiting the chambers thought occurs to me regarding the stone doorway and I speak up to say I wish to take another look.
In the room Marcus and I take out Binwins Diary and the doll taken from his pack, Marcus pokes around the doll and discovers an opening in its back into which he fits a vial of the dragons blood.
He attempts to put this through the doorway and although his hand will not pass the doll half disappears!
Marcus snatches his hand back as something small and black drops out of the doorway.

The taller of the unknown warriors grabs it before it can hit the floor and Marcus asks to see it. It appears to be a locket and inside there is a picture of a female dwarf who matches the drawing in Binwin’s diary, there is blood at the bottom of the picture and the other side holds and image of Binwin himself.
I feel a sudden surge of sorrow and guilt that we have taken these things as they could be mementoes of Binwin’s for this lady dwarf.
I look up and catch Marcus’s eye, I am not sure if he has made the same connection I have but I do not know where we will go from here or what we will say to Binwin should we happen to cross paths once more.

Run Awaaaaaay!

The Party Splits

Disturbed by the Orcs treatment of the Hobgoblin prisoners, Narahad decides to travel with Dhoon to return the body of his brother Korzi to the Keep.
Marcus, Raziel and Kenwynn press further into the dungeons determined to find treasure (and Jumby).
The group have a look around the chamber where they defeated the Hobgoblin chief and Kenwynn discovers a hidden passage which leads further into the caves.

Following the tunnels the party see corpses scattered around but find no loot, it is obvious that Kuudrak Blooddrinker and his orc warriors have already been through here, leaving no survivors.
Aware of how he has angered Kuudrak, Kenwynn advises the team to proceed with caution.
While continuing through the tunnels there is a sudden tremor which knocks a couple of the party off balance, unsure of what may have caused this the party head on.

Going Into The Light

After a couple more tremors they come into a chamber where one wall has collapsed, likely caused by the earthquakes, and the party decide to head out to safety.
Upon emerging into the clear air they can see down into the bowl created by the cave systems many entrances and they see rings of orcs outside several of these openings, piles of goblin and hobgoblin corpses scattered around, and it is obvious that the orcs have been committing a wholesale slaughter against these creatures.

Kenwynn spots Kuudrak and in the interests of possibly repairing the damage caused hails the orc leader but is ignored as Kuudrak gazes into the distance.
Another tremor hits and Raziel calls the attention of his team-mates to what has diverted the orcs attention.
Turning to look the party notice in the distance four huge dragons of different colours; Red, Green, Black and Yellow.
Raziel expounds a sudden sense of urgency to his team-mates urging them to seek cover, Kenwynn understands the danger that dragons can pose and so grabs Marcus and the group head for the next nearest cave.

New Arrivals

As the team head for cover, two forms streak in from the side, one a miniature humanoid carrying a vastly oversized blade, the other a stretched barrel shape wielding a large hammer.
The diminutive character takes a dive at Kenwynn with a wordless yell, however, Kenwynn is alerted by this and manages to dodge aside.
Raziel spins about shouting “What are you doing?! There are dragons! Hide!” before sprinting into the cave closely followed by the others.
Kenwynn seeing the knowledge of this grabs the small figure and thrusts it towards the cave.
The rest of the group, and the new arrivals tumble into the cave in a heap, Raziel bows a greeting to the newcomers allowing everyone a chance to regain their composure.

After a few moments rest, Raziel announces he can feel a powerful source of magic coming from deep within the cave. He heads off down the tunnel and the rest of the group troop after him.
After some exploration they find a squared off cavern, at once end of which there are 3 steps leading up to what looks like a doorway etched into the wall.
Unable to figure out what it is for, and unable to feel any magical resonance from the door, the group continue their explorations.

Back At The Keep

As the group are exploring Narahad has taken a couple of days to make his way back to the fortress on the mountain.
He arrives to find the keep in a high state of security, so high that he is challenged at the gate, after a moment however, the guards recognize him and allow him to enter carrying the corpse of Korzi but insisting that Dhoon waits outside.

Narahad enters the keep and makes his way to the chapel, once there he seeks out the young acolyte he had spoken with previously.
The young boy seems to be in some distress, confused and shaken, he greets Narahad who speaks gently to the boy and tries to find out what has happened to create the current mood.
The acolyte proceeds to tell Narahad that at some point in the last couple of days the priest, Father Omin, is dead.
He explains that the body had been discovered in the morning and they had asked a couple of travellers to held investigate.
Naturally Narahad enquires as to the travellers and is told that the travellers were a small human carrying a large sword and a dwarven priestess carrying a hammer of some sort.
The acolyte tells Narahad that the investigation they performed showed that the priests soul had been removed from his body but had not crossed over, it was simply gone.
Narahad offers comfort to the acolyte but is troubled by this news, he decides o head to the keep to see the lord and find out more.

1 - Into the Keep

Marcus, Narahad and Kenwynn approached the Keep on the Borderlands. Hailed at the gates they introduced themselves as honest travellers, Kenwynn endeavouring to keep Marcus in check as he knew Narahad’s alignment meant he could not lie about Marcus’s Thieving.
Thankfully, due to the local deity being the same as Narahad followed, and the keep having dealt with elves before, the group were allowed entry; Marcus willingly giving up a pair of poisoned daggers he carried in order to bolster the image of his honesty, though the guard did not seem to be fooled.

The group proceeded to re-supply at the local store before Narahad made his way to the temple to speak with the priest in the town. Kenwynn and Marcus made their way to the inn to secure lodgings.
In the inn Kenwynn left his weapons in a locker provided by the innkeeper believing himself to be safe in town while Marcus questioned the innkeeper about other patrons learning that there was a Dwarven adventurer named Binwin and his human companion also staying in the inn.

Making their way to the local bar, Marcus and Kenwynn tried to learn more about the locals and the surrounding area when Narahad joined them and they had a look around the bar.
Noticing Binwin and his friend in the corner the trio ask to join them hoping to trade adventuring knowledge, they proceed to buy a couple of rounds in order to loosen their tongues, instead they find they are sinking their money down the dwarfs throat as he quaffs everything in sight without sign of ill effect, and his human friend, quietly not giving a name, sips his half pint.

Making small-talk and bantering seems to warm the dwarf to the group and he tells the group about the local cave system supposedly full of treasure guarded by fierce monsters, yet he and his friend intend to go there to seek fortune.
Intrigued the group decide they may join the pair but the dwarf and human are reluctant to share their venture. The trio leave them regretfully and instead take in more of the bar.

Marcus, ever the lady’s man, attempting to chat up a couple of young ladies near the fireplace, Kenwynn to look at the architecture and artwork round the room, and Narahad to glean information from the barman.
Getting little from the barman, Narahad then comes to talk with Kenwynn as some guards enter the bar, probably at the end of their shift, and while at the bar give some suspicious looks at Marcus who is now performing magic tricks for the ladies entertainment. Kenwynn and Narahad watch, making bets on who the thief is likely to have success with in making sexual contact.
As Marcus performed a clever vanishing trick the guards made their way over to the table to ask the ladies if Marcus was bothering them. Kenwynn, in a mischievous moment, knowing that Marcu’s trick ends with the coin in the bottom of one of the lady’s drinks calls across the room “Marcus, what was that you dropped in the lady’s drink?”

Immediately the guards grab Marcus and proceed to escalate the situation by threatening violence. Marcus seeing no other option defends himself against the guard facing him by flicking his coin in the air, as a distraction, before kicking him in the crotch and thus winning Kenwynn’s bet for him. Kenwynn realising that his joke had gone awry dives across the room but with no weapon to hand, grasps a nearby chair and proceeds to smash it upon the back of the guard stood behind Marcus.

The fight is stopped by a roar from the doorway which turns out to be the guard captain who proceeds to reprimand his men and gives Kenwynn and Marcus a warning to respect the peace he keeps in the town. Also making Kenwynn pay for the chair he broke before he leaves.
The group decide to head back to the inn for the evening to get an early start and hopefully beat Binwin and his friend to the caves, thereby, with luck, snagging the best loot for themselves.

The hobgoblin caves

Session 1 continued
Present – Narahad, Marcus, Kenwyn

Party entered the caves to the south of the valley.
Picked the door lock and found 2 hobgoblin torturers and several captors
Party Killed the torturers

Session 2
Present – Marcus, Kenwyn, Raziel (Narahad played as DM NPC)

Party found 2 traders Dec and wife, 2 human guards (Dhoon and Khorzi) , 1 human magician (Raziel), 1 crazy gnoll and 1 Orc (Kuudrack Blooddrinker)

The party released the humans, killed the gnoll and let down the orc after a promise of non-aggresson
Orc acknowledged a debt and left after taking a sword from a dead torturer and popsicle-ing his head

Human traders promised reward for getting them back to the keep
Guards promised service for 1 year in repayment
Raziel talked his way down eventually and asked to join the group in order to find his friend Jumby, who was lost elsewhere.

Marcus took a whip from the hobgoblins which Raziel “claimed” was his.

Party escorted prisoners back to the keep in exchange for a reward. Party stops for food and rest. Raziel picks some wild mushrooms for the group, Marcus eats a slimy one but there are no ill effects.

On the way, they meet a detachment of guards on their way out on patrol. Raziel tried to hide from but eventually comes out to kick up a fuss about his whip. Issue was referred to magistrate by writ, but is settle when Marcus gives back on the aggrement that the town magistrate is kept out of it.
1 guard and a horse was detailed to them to help get back.

Party returned traders to guild hall, were rewarded. Kitted out the brothers and set out again for the caves.

Party entered the same cave and continued. Raziel allowed for safe passage by covering the party noises with ghost sounds

Party ends the session by charging into a room blind. Room is filled with hobgoblins

Session 3
Present – Marcus and Kenwyn
NPCs Narahad, Raziel, Dhoon, Khorzi

The party attempt to diplomasize their way out, but Khorzi and Dhoon (clearly suffering PTSD) charge the hobgoblins.
The enemy is made up of hobgoblin males, females and younglings.

The party take out all the males, but Khorzi is ripped apart by some of the females and dies.

Kuudrak Blooddrinker arrives with a force of Orcs and offers the party a chance to help kill all the hobgoblins and their goblin allies. The party accepts and are given red rags to where so other members of his party will attack them.

Dhoon and Kuudrak’s men are intent on wiping out the rest of the hobgoblin’s but Narahad objects to the killing of younglings. So the party negotiate containment and exile for the females and kids. As well as assurances that they will protect Khorzi’s body until we can collect and return it too the Keep.

Party continues and find the hobgoblins armoury, killing the first wave and surrounding the remaining that seem to be guarding something. After giving the hobgoblins a chance explain what they were guarding in exchange for a quick clean death, which they rudely reject, we kill them all with no mercy.
The party find a secret door behind which are 3 hobgoblins waiting in ambush, which are quickly dispatched.

Before moving on the party loot the armoury.
Raziel takes 4 daggers.
Kenwyn takes elvish chain armour, a longbow & 20 arrows.
Marcus takes 5 daggers and gets a crossbow with 1 bolt to be used as a throw away weapon.

Raziel having misses several magic missile attempts is heard to say “Its not me!” (may not be cannon – Mark to adjudicate)

Party uses invisibility to check the chiefs room and accidentaly get into a fight in a room adjacent, alerting everyone.

Party Kills the chief and his concubines (also combatants), Kenwyn stealing the kill from Kudrakk.

Kudrak and companions leave the party in poor spirits. Party will not be harmed as long as they display armbands

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